PCG Universal Artist Ava Rowland is making headlines around the Globe

Ava is a contemporary country artist who is currently working with PCG Universal in Nashville.

“I love Jesus with my whole heart and oh, I play guitar!” says Ava Rowland.  Well that’s quite an understatement considering how well she sings too!!

I remember the day I first saw Ava signing the door at PCG Universal back in Sept of 2017 and have been following her ever since watching as she grows into the Artist she is now.

Her wonderful personality and clear and precise vocals bring her cover songs to life, and she is going to become one to be reckoned with down the road because she is a young country music sensation!

Ava has an absolutely great stage presence, performs at a level that demands your attention and I can see that she is only going to continue to improve to a professional level if she continues along this path and I can only stand back and watch her grow as an Artist.

I’m sure many of her Friends, Fans and Family will be right there watching her.. She is in very good hands with Bernard Porter and his wonderful staff that make it their mission in life to see all the Artists they have in their “Family of Artists” succeed.

Featured Artist Ava Rowland


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