Danielle Haskell – Always With You

Newcomer Danielle Haskell is making a name for herself in the Christian Music community.

The 18 year old Christian pop artist  / song writer was already memorizing songs, singing and taking piano lessons by the age of 3. Finding comfort in music on and off the stage, at age 6 Danielle to added guitar lessons to her schedule. Even though Danielle is a fan of all music genres, it was her love of helping others that lead her to the Christian music industry. As Danielle faced some of the same challenges as many teens and the loss of loved ones, her perspectives began to change and Danielle started to understand the important messages the Christian songs were delivering as they provided her with inspiration and comfort.

Danielle Haskell – Always With You

“Always With You” is dedicated to my Grandmother who passed away from cancer on April 29, 2016. I wanted a reminder that God, my Grandmother and all other people we have all lost are always with us.

Read more about Danielle Haskell as a featured artists in my online magazine here: http://indiemusicmagazine.live/2017/05/13/danielle-haskell/

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